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Take a look at the concerts for next month at the following list:



- On 19th February "REVOLUTON THE SHOW The Best Beatles Experience" at Auditorium Parco della Musica



- On 27th February "GIOVANNI LINDO FERRETTI" at Orion Live Club 



- On 28th February "BANDABARDO' at Atlantico Live 



- From 12th to 14th March "J-AX LIVE 2015" at Atlantico Live



- On 15th March "GORAN BREGOVIC" at Brancaccio



- On 20th March "FRANCESCO DE GREGORI" at Palottomatica



- On 26th March  "ORNELLA VANONI" at Teatro Olimpico



- On 30th March "SPANDAU BALLET: Soulboys of the Western World Tour 2014" at Palalottomatica



- On 2nd April "CAPAREZZA" at Palalottomotica



- From 16th to 18th  April "LIGABUE" at Palalottomatica




- On 19th April"JAMES TAYLOR" At Auditorium Parco della Musica



- On 19th April "RENZO ARBORE" at Auditorium Parco della Conciliazione



- On 21st April "NEGRITA" at Palalottomatica




- On 26th April "FIORELLA MANNOIA" at Auditorium Parco della Musica



- From 01st to 12th March and from 24th to 28th June  "TOSCA" at Teatro dell'Opera



- On 27th March "GIOVANNI ALLEVI" at Auditorium della Conciliazione



- From 31st March to 12th April "LUCIA DI MALLERMOOR" at Teatro dell'Opera




- From 09th April to 16th April "AILEY, LIMON,FORSYTHE" at Teatro dell'Opera







- From 31st March to 3rd June "LE NOZZE DI FIGARO" at Teatro dell'Opera



- From 19th June to 30th June "LA DAMA DI PICCHE" at Teatro dell'Opera




- From 23rd to 27th June "PINK FLOYD BALLET" at Terme di Caracalla




- From 06th July to 06th August "MADAME BUTTERFLY" at Terme di Caracalla



- From 15th July to 08th August "TURANDOT" 



- From 25th July to 07th August "LA BOHEME" at Terme di Caracalla



- On 27th July "GRAN GALA ROBERTO BOLLE" at Terme di Caracalla

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